Emo stands for emotionally different, or just emotional.

They apply to a certain group of people, who are often self proclaimed losers, who go around a in big group, being rejected. The characteristics of emos are normally:

-a fringe which covers 3 or 4 fifths of the face, prferably dyed black. This is thought to be a reason they are attracted to their own genger; they cannot see.
-attention-seeking gashes on one or both wrists, normally to show off, but many just wear wristbands and fake depression.
-eyeliner. And how! As in, so much they cry black tears. Which happens alot. Though many emo boys prefer to wear a complete set of make-up.
- An array of non existant problems.
- Thick rimmed black glasses.
- Very tight black drainpipes, which look impossible but are actually so comfy, you forget everyones staring at you like emo scum.
- An obbsession with a) "The Nightmare Before Christmas" b)"Spongebob SquarePants" c)"lovemetal" (whatever that is) d)dressing as a cat.

However wierd they may seem, my emo friends are great (just watch out for the emotions). They like being called emos but not greebos, as it makes them over-emotional. So please, if you see someone dressed as a cat in the street, please dont yell, "HEY GREEBO!!! GOING TO YOUR GREEBO STORE, EMO-SEXUAL???"

Chav: Hey emo, go kiss a guy!!!
Emo: Don't label me! (runs off crying)
von XXX_RaNdOm_cHiLd_XXX 1. August 2006
An Emo girl dresses in their own way of expression. They don't care what people think because it's what she likes.

EMO ATTIRE:: What I usually wear...

1} A black t-shirt with mcr on it or sometimes a shirt with my favorite superhero or cartoon.
2} A studded belt with hearts and diamonds on it. Dark denim, straight legged, jeans. When I wear knee pants, I always wear funky socks. Mostly they have stripes on them, but sometimes I wear socks with Jack the Pumpkin King (from Tim Burton's "A Nightmare Before Christmas") on them.
3} I usually wear converse shoes. I mismatch the colors though. On one foot I wear red and the other black...depending on the colors in my shirt. I also wear vans sometimes.
4} On my left arm I wear an armband with polka dots on it. On my right arm I wear tons of different color hair bands. My nails are usually black...but sometimes I mismatch them like my shoes.


My hair is short like a boy (not too short). My bangs are long and cover my right eye. I have spikes in my hair. My main color is black. My spikes are red and orange (so when I spike them it looks like fire.) Then I have red, blonde, and violet highlights in my bangs and some in the very back.

1} Hair must cover one eye. (sometimes it irritates my eye)
2} Hair can be any color(s). Express yourself in your hair. First timers get it done at a salon so the stylist can give you tips on how to do it, hair color to buy, etc. (it costs about 80 dollars to get it done at a salon.)


My make-up consists of: powder, black eyeliner and dark gray eyeshadow.

1} Eyeliner is a must to get the Emo look. Use black eyeliner and put it on top and bottom (but not too much). If you can't put it on top then just put it on the bottom. Just as long as you have it on.
2} Eyeshadow can be any color. Sometimes it looks awesome if you wear it underneath your eye as well.
3} Don't wear too much powder. You can wear blush but it's unnecessary. If you want to look pale then exclude blush. ALWAYS put blush on before you put powder on. Unless you are using liquid foundation, then put blush on afterwards.

1 thing I want to let you know:: Emos NEVER say Oh My God or Oh my Gosh...Poser Emos and Preps do.

Prep boy: Hey cutter, you're outfit is so ugly.

Emo girl: My outfit is the art of who I am.

Prep boy: Come on raccoon eyes get over it!

Emo girl: I have nothing to get over. I am happy with who I am and if you don't like it...then I don't give a freak. Oh, and I don't cut. *shows wrists*

Emo girl walks away with a smile and puts headphones on her ears. Prep boy goes back with his buddies and they laugh.

Emos don't care what others think.
Ok so from what I have seen ppl think of emos as sad imitations of Goths, that cry all the time and are never happy. Well apparently you don’t know any1 that is emo. Yes we do cry allot and yes I have cut myself. But I’m not always sad. I have friends that r Goth and we r easily confused. emos r kids that have been through allot and just are tired of life. if you get to know an emo, we're like any other kid. and no, cutting doesn’t hurt if your already crying.
why does every1 hate emos?
von {GPC}Teh_H4x0r 11. April 2007
an emo is someone who is more emotionally aware of the world. For some reason they are hated by chavs who like to say things like dont cry little emo kid emos generally have side fringes and listen to bands like Panic! at the disco, My chemical Romance and Fall out Boy etc. They wear skinny jeans and eyeliner =D
Chav: Aww, don't cry little emo kid!
Emo: Excuse Me, can you please leave me alone.
Chav: is the lickle emo getting emo?
Emo: Excuse Me please.
von lollipop*lover 2. April 2007
1)A term, that as of late, has come to brand anything that people don't like that shows more emotion than being a "smart-ass" and not caring or being "gansta".

2) A way for people to vent their insecurities onto another person without being hated by the rest of the general population.
"He's so emo, he has long hair that covers some of his face!" -A Dumbass
von profile 1 27. März 2007
Emos are a misunderstood subculture. They listen to emo music. They wear dark, melodramatic clothes and makeup. Their culture is polluted by wannabes who go on about how their life is not easy and the world is against them. Their emotions are confuing to them, and they often feel depressed and/or misunderstood. Emos are somewhat similar to goths in their appearance, though not nearly as hardcore. They are often stereotyped for slitting their wrists, though this is certainly a rarity.
"He is So Emo..." By Zee-Man.......
von Zee-Man 27. März 2007
A sheeplike creature often seen milling about waiting for their next opportunity to pour disdain on the very culture they embrace, although the music scene is said to be blamed for the name Emo meaning EMOtive music i think it far more likey it is due to the emo's style guru Emo Philips the comedian. also see otaku for more info on the original roots of this culture
Although a seemingly us trend this began in the otaku region of japan which spawned the older trend named after the region these "Otaku" kids were almost identical to emo teens except that they started to become violent and several muders were commited. both of these trends are merely precursors to the cult of the drummers seen in the graphic novel "Halo Jones" first seen in the comic 2000ad the drummers were a group of emo lookalikes who had a hypnotic drumbeat implanted in there brains that would make them almost catatonic with bouts of psychotic violence very much like the otaku
von mike x 21. Januar 2007
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