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a short way of writing Fuck you Beezy. Eff you beezy, FUBZ
von crystalsabeezy 21. Oktober 2010
Fuck u bitchez or more formally Fuck you bitchez. (It's an acronym).
Jodi, so upset, yelled Fubz out the window of her car to the bitchez standing on the side of the street.
von acronym<3 22. Juni 2011
Neither a fat or chubby being. Thus so he has become "Fubby" or "Fubz" for short
"Fubz is a very cool & lazy guy"
von Tito 17. September 2003
short for "fabian"
Fubz roeleert, en jullie zijn sukk0ls omdat jullie niet kunnen lezen wat hier staat, stelletje n00bs!
von Fubz 14. November 2003
It is me amigo!
I am the great fubby one!
von Fubz 20. September 2003