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Bull-Dike from Germany with more testosterone than a body builder on steroids. Has psudo-adam's apple. Attempts to write a Kingdom Hearts fanfic but fails at it about as hard as she does passing as a woman. Likes to troll in #Nipponsei and dish it out, but cannot take it in. Bulldike Bull-Dike Yuritale Troll
Person 1: ZOMG did you see that dude???
Person 2: What dude, that was a Bull-Dike?
Person 3: No Man....I think I sort of saw an Adam's Apple...That was a Fairytale
von Nipponlesbos 1. September 2008
A lie someone tells you, but has an elaborate bullshit tale to go with it to fascinate the listener.
Hey Dave, did you hear Tim hasn't found a job jet?

Yeah, he was telling me a fairy tale that's he's been too busy with his schedule! You should ask him, the story will astound you
von N-Girl 9. Januar 2009
A made up story, such as santa claus, the tooth fairy, atheism, etc.
Some fairy tales are just for kids, like the tooth fairy and santa claus.

Other fairy tales are also for adults, like atheism.
von a_contributor 18. Mai 2010