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To Procrastinate or eat excessivly
Stop fatassing and get back to work!
von Lord Djem So 6. Januar 2008
8 0
Verb. To carry out activities that may result in one's heine increasing in size, such activities include; eating large amounts of fatty foods, and sitting at home playing computer games all day.
John: I'm going to order 3 pizzas, then consume them all whilst playing COD4

Claire: Stop Fat Assing, you'll become a Fat Ass
von Dorrrraaaaaa 1. Juli 2009
5 2
When people (especially cops) stand around not doing their jobs but instead eating food and/or drinking coffee.
Joe: Wow, this traffic is really backed up. You'd think the cop would be directing all the cars.
Billy: No, he's too busy fatassing. Look he's got a donut in one hand and a coffee in the other!
von LuLuAiC 3. Mai 2009
1 1