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Someone who acts gay and is a wanna be
"Get away from me you fucking Flammer"
von Hailie 4. April 2003
A word used by morons who fail to realize that they mean 'flamer'.
<flammer> omg u r teh flammer
<Flamer> And you're a grammatical reject.
von Flamer 1. Oktober 2004
A gay guy who is in your face about it. They are very fruity and kind of annoying,
That kid Eric is such a flammer
von dude wedgie boyz 11. Oktober 2012
someone who is just not with it
Dan is a real flammer
von B 7. März 2003
someones whos a druggy
go see if you can get some from him
hes a (flammer)
von Kacie Morrison 23. April 2005