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Pertaining to Flowers and their use in design.
Floral Designer.
von UrbanFlorist 25. Mai 2009
4 2
as in non-animal like
my reaction to the rabie shot was floral in silent ways
von fish are healthy 24. September 2003
6 6
Noun. Stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips. Like "oral" but "floral", because of the flora that inhabit the vaginal canal.
He wouldn't give me floral, so I wouldn't give him head.
von karmaapolice 28. Mai 2009
3 4
Someone whos arse is getting increasingly large because they're eating far too much cake in the office.
Have you seen her today? She's looking pretty floral!
von Jumble Sales 8. Februar 2010
1 3
Fucking Todd over and making him move back to Kansas.
Mary's Floral
von Bob White 6. März 2004
5 11