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1. Sex on Legs.

2. A small girl with a big heart.

3. A girl who has the most emabressing and funniest blodie moments in the history of blondie moments.
1. Dude, did you see that girl yesterday? She was such a Freya!

2. My best firend is a Freya!

3. Hahaha she's not blonde but she's such a Freya!
von jeffree's stars 10. Juli 2008
418 138
A Girl with a fierce amount og energy. She's smart, restless and in tune with her self. She's determent, stubborn, loves most people if they treat her right. She know her worth and takes crap from no one. She's smarter than you'ld think, she loves to compete with boys and win and she bows for no man.
Freya is one of the guys

ask freya - ill bet she can do it.
Freya is cool - and a little frightening.
von Ccbabcock 4. Februar 2010
357 85
A really really really sexy girl.
Omg ! Look at that Freya !
von Smexyfeet. 2. Mai 2008
366 96
a lovely lovely person who is quite a posho really, and obsessed with food-related conversation.
"stop going on about pringles! you're such a FREYA!"
von the pimm's monster 9. Mai 2008
292 127
the girl that gets with everyone at the parties
shes a freya, look at her go!
did you get with her? yeah shes freya!
von frabongo 25. Februar 2008
199 196
Someone who wastes all your credit
Ahhh she's sucha Freya
von LOLZBOT 21. Februar 2009
147 180
yes. assclown.....freya, is same.
assclown assclown assclown assclown assclown assclown
hello there assclown.
von rhys 30. März 2005
120 466