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a great term for that "special someone" show them that you care, and you love them.
I love you fuckface.
hey fuckface i love you.
fuckface you rck muh' sox.
von Murphie M. 12. September 2006
279 206
Someone who is so ugly or so messed up you have no other word to describe them
Dude look at that Fuckface
von Anonymous 4. Dezember 2002
216 151
It's what a fuck would look like if it had a face.
You're the pure definition of fuckface!
von Mick the Dick 10. Juli 2011
121 66
Insult: to state that someone looks like a real fucker; i.e., as in a chode or asshole.
Man, what a fuck face that guy is!
von Gil 11. April 2003
194 141
a insult/bad name to someone acting like a bitch
guy 1 throws a rock at guy 2
guy 2 "you stupid fuck-face"
von troy9o9 23. Juli 2009
37 1
Another name used for your ex husband.
Fuck face didnt pay his child support again.
von River Dragon 6. Juni 2011
60 33
the faces that you make when she is wearin yo ass out ...the faces she make whe you are layin pipe to dat ass
"Man I was hittin that ass ,it was so good we started exchangin Fuck Faces ....
also ...rap song by Houston Rapper Scarface
von Big Dread 20. September 2006
53 28