More of an image than a lifestyle.
Primarily concerned with appearance and aesthetics. very vain and sometimes sensative.
Their music is their lifestyle.
It's all about the music
Damn, that gothic chick looks tempting.
I'd like to feast on that flesh!
von Anonymous 28. September 2003
a person with a particular lifestyle preference relating to nocturnal, dark. and occasionally satanic subjects, who express it through their fashion. Not to be mistaken for an emo kid who has black hair and a black tshirt on.
The Goths baa'd like sheep, from the herd 3 feet over.
von jo 10. September 2003
Originally a style of architecture, such as the old cathedrals from 1400 AD.

It was also a music type, and followers of this music type are usually called 'goth's.

Now-a-days, anyone referred to as gothic have the stereotypical image of black clothes, dark make-up sometimes, and listening to heavy, dark music and may be considered depressed all the time and is sadistic. Most times this is not the case, example is my friends. Dressing the part is not 'gothic', which they don't seem to understand..sigh..

1. A style of Architecture
2. A music type
3. An annoying person who attempts to be gothic.
4. A mainstream turn to state something is 'gothic', or dark
1. The gothic cathedrals are really beautiful.

2. I don't really like goth, it doesn't appeal to my ears.

3. "I'm so gothic! Look, I'm wearing black!"
"No, no, you're not."

4. "That is so gothic.."
von Dani 18. April 2004
1. a style of art relating to the gothic time period
2.Ralph King
That looks gothic.
von Steven Wegman 8. September 2003
Unfortunately, many people are delusioned into thinking they are "gothic" or "goths". Many times, so called gothic individuals are simply sad, poor, WHITE TRASH individuals who have no money, not to mention taste. They find themselves in their local hilbilly dollar general store and have to ask themselves "Do I buy needed items for my eleven children (God forbid cleaning supplies, because I live like a pig in filth) I buy the two pack of SuperDuper Generic Extra Black Eyeliner so that I may attract other desperate, poor, filthy people so that I may actually have a friend?"

Many times "gothic" people are on welfare and are a general drain on society. Many goths are perpetual drug users who do not get along with the rest of society. They find themselves shying away from the mainstream due to an overwhelming sense of ambiguity and unimportance. They feel they can't fit in and are often ashamed of the trailer home they live in, so they adopt this tough guy (or girl) persona, covered in tattoos and black lipstick and disgustingly infected lip piercings in order to make most people steer clear of them, which generally works. If they have reproduced, they do not take care of their children very well. They often refer to themselves in the third person and act in a weird manner, most likely due to the drug haze they immerse themselves in on a daily basis. They entertain grand delusions they will make it big in such realms as art, writing, music and other creative arenas that they think may make them "special" or different. Many tell people they are well connected in music or art businesses and can "employ" or otherwise help sustain other's hopes and dreams, when they can barely sustain their own nutritional needs due to lack of fiscal and motivational resources.
These people are crying out for help and need to be pitied and offered assistance in the form of government housing to get them out of their trailer homes. Definite therapy is a must.
Anna and Rod are so sad they actually think they are gothic. They think they can actually be gothic tatoo artists and band groupies until they turn 30. Actually, they are just goth wannabe's and need some sincere help.
von BetterThanYouWillEverBe 23. September 2006
They are scary looking teenagers who hangout around Malls and Laser Tag joints and other places mothers of tweens and elementary school children frequent. They wear black and have pale skin. Many have tattoos, severe make-up, weird jewelry and such and while I am pretty sure they are probably not actually dangerous and maybe they just want to look nonconforming, they all look a like to me, my basic instinct is to protect my children from them where ever they are or might hang.
On the way to drop off 5 boys ages 10-12 so my cousin and I could go next door to shop at Walmart, Anna said; "Hey boys, let's go to the other laser tag joint instead, OK? Last time the place was full of these Gothic teenagers and we can't stay to supervise you."
von Ann_Bev 14. September 2006
A barbarian.

An uncivilized person.

A style of architecture used in Western Europe from the 12th to the 15th centuries.

A genre of music.

The language of ancient Goths.

Not a fucking pussy ass moron following the teenage trend of "Gothic" who dresses in all black, pretends to be all gloom and never smiles, only likes music like everyone else "Gothic" likes, and pretends to have a horrible life.
Moron "Goth": I slit my wrists last night because I hate my life and my life sucks and I want to die.
Person: Grow up and get over following trends and labelling yourself and using those pathetic stereotypes. Imbecile.
von The nobody 14. Juli 2005
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