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to be half african american and half another race, or races........including red boneded people (black cherokees, and blacks that mixed with other indians), high yella people (light skinneded african americans)
Qwan~ "Sean and Padraic, yall my 2 favorite Halfrican Americans"

Padraic~"what the hell do you mean"

Qwan~"well your half black and half white, right"

Padraic~"yeah, i guess but i'm black when i get pulled over by the cops"
von S.Pugz 18. Juli 2008
31 16
A person that is only half African American, but the ignorant public views them as 100% African American. Normally this is a person with one white parent and one African American parent.
Tom: Barack Obama is the first African American president.

Bill: Don't be so ignorant, Obama is Halfrican American.
von mje006 12. Juni 2010
19 8
Person with a black parent and a white parent
I knew he was half-rican american; just look at his parents
von Jbales 10. Januar 2009
7 0
A person that is half african american and half something else, the other race doesnt matter.
Dude, I thought John was Puerto Rican or something but it turns out hes Halfrican American!
von WillgoNW 14. Juni 2009
8 2
An African-American who is half white.
Barack Obama is a halfrican american.
von MrWordSmith 4. Juli 2009
8 4
Someone of mixed African American descent. As in African American/White Or African American/Asian.
Barack Obama is our first Halfrican American president.
von TimD8866 26. März 2009
11 7
noun: A person who is half African American and half Caucasian.
Barak Obama, America's 44th President, is of Halfrican-American descent.
von Marty57 19. Januar 2009
7 3