Hot Topic is considered a poser store because there are poser peoples that shop there sometimes, and also because it's different.
Hot Topic is a place that sells clothing that, okay, doesn't exactly make you different. But it looks cool and there are people who agree with me, is that really so hard to just shut up about and respect?
Sorry if it's too much to ask. But what always pisses me off is when there are all these popular Abercrombie / Hollister people who say "Hot Topic sucks" and then go out and buy stuff there behind your back. Just realize that every store has people that shop there who are cool, and people who are just plain stupid. Honestly, Hot Topic has nice, helpful people who work there, not uberly tall platinum-blond girls with short-short miniskirts who stare at you and sigh because you're not fashionable enough. I tried going into Hot Topic one day not dressed in my usual "gothic" clothing, and they still came up to me and we talked and laughed and stuff.
Maybe someday everyone in the world will learn to just live with the fact that in this world, there are people with different interests and beliefs than you. Maybe people will learn to live with and respect that.
I went shopping at Hot Topic yesterday, and they have a brand new pair of combat boots that majorly kicks ass.
von Yunie 31. Oktober 2004
1: (Noun) A topic that's considered to be contrevertial I.E. The second Iraqi war, gay marriage, abortion, etc.

2: (Noun) A store in various malls that sells clothes and tries to target various countercultures (I.E. Goth, Punk, Metalhead, Emo). Over the past few years, Hot Topic has gotten a reputation of forgetting it's core demographic (Urban countercultureists from ages 16-25, who are into music groups that are condisered to be too bizzare and raw to go mainstream, i.e. Danzig, Inkubus Sukkubus, The Casualties) in order to appeal to a new demographic (Suburban youths, ages 11-15, into such musical groups as AFI, Evanescence, Linkin Park who have toned down sounds in their various genres and received mainstream appeal).

3: (Adjective) Something that's not genuine, something mass produced and made to look like it's a part of a counterculture movement.

I hope the second definition is "Fair and Balanced" enough.
1: Do not talk about Ronald Reagan amongst those hippies. He's a hot topic!

2:I got this cute Avril t-shirt at Hot Topic!!

3: Your ICP t-shirt reeks of Hot Topic goth.
von ColdRedRain 2. April 2004
A store found in malls around the U.S where people can buy retro-looking clothes and music tees. Alot of people say it is a store for poseurs, but it is actually just a store that some poseurs shop at. Most of the morons that say that shit shop there themselves. Lay off.
Hot Topic sells some decent clothing.
von Keith 12. September 2003
A chain of mall stores with some cool shit in it... and some lame ass shit.
Shopping there does not make anyone any more of a punk or a poser then they already are. Why? Because it's a store, and a store in itself cannot be punk no matter what it sells. Though many stupid kids feel the need to constantly say things like "Hot Topic is a poser store! Only posers shop there!", in order to make themselves feel more punk and hardcore about themselves. When they themselves are posers.
Hot Topic is targeted twords the 16-25 age crowd. I constantly hear people saying only teenie boppers shop there, though I've only once ever seen someone in there who looked under 17.
The staff are in my experience very helpful and polite.
And it more often than not, smells good.

To sum up everything I just said:
Hot Topic is no more "punk" than Old Navy.
They have some cool stuff, and some lame crap just like every other store.
Dorks call it a poser store because they are insecure and want to feel better about themselves. And hope by saying that, others will think they are more hardcore.
LameAss8thGradePoser: Hot Topic sux!!! Only pozerz shop ther! I'm too hardcore for shopping at Hot Topic!!! Now I'm gunna go to a hardcore Good Charlotte concert in my kick ass outfit I bought on the internet (from the hot topic website).
von Ibanez 11. April 2005
Place at the mall to shop. Does it really matter what kind of people go in there? And why do you care what people are writing about it?
Person #1: Lets go to hot topic to get a t-shirt or something.

Person #2: OK. Sounds peachy.
von .:SoMeBoDy:. 11. Juli 2004
Since everyone else said it (itsa store in the mall, posers, blah blah, "owned by GAP", et cetera) I'll just add on to this.
Hot Topic's bags are pretty useful, the drawstring stuff, hey, that's clever.
Everyone has something to say about Hot Topic.
von Latin scholar 10. Dezember 2004
A store in which things are overpriced, and ok quality, its only good for the music, and the t-shirts. Oh, and they're really easy to rip off buttons from.
Lets go check out hot topic, but stay away from the good charlotte crap.
von Sophers 16. November 2003
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