A nice caring soft hearted boy that always makes people laugh and he stands up for what he believes in honestly Julian is such a great guy his hugs are literally like hugging a pot of gold.
Fuck i wish I would get the ladies like Julian
von Okay... 25. Juni 2014
Young man, strong minded, jealous, protective, as handsome as it gets, caring of everyone's feelings just unsure how to speak his mind at times making him appear kind of assholeish. He will save your life and you will never regret meeting him but he will also break your heart to pieces.
Wow look at that confusing son of a bitch, he must be Julian!
von Ooooooook 20. September 2014
A person who doesn't let anyone in easily. They're honest, smart, endearing. They love to dance and sing and make people smile/laugh. When they love, they love hard and don't forget people easily. Protective, strong, a total sweetie at heart. Loves power rangers and being a dork to the people that matter. Loves quoting anything movie or song wise and is addicted to Paramore. There's no way to describe the way he is all the time, he is just there with that look in his eyes waiting for a challenge to accept.
Wow, Julian calm down on the movie quotes!

Fun smart artistic dancer
von Pitchslapper2013 8. Januar 2014
He's the sweetest guy in the whole world. He is an amazing friend and is really funny. Julians are usually very athletic. Julians attract sporty girls. Intelligence is one of their many talents. If you find a Julian make sure to befriend him as soon as possible! And ladies trust me, he's a very trustworthy, romantic kind of guy. He's a keeper!
Oh julian? He's a sweet heart!

Your dating julian! You lucky girl!

You're friends with Julian? He's chill!
von Baseballthough 8. November 2013
A sweet guy in Massachusetts with a nice ass and even nicer smile/personality. P.S., You live TOO FAR AWAY ‎♥
I would tap Julian from the front and back.
von Mr. Michigan 18. August 2011
A total scrub with a huge dick
He talks like he's a gangster but he's actually not. His brother is an asshole and likes to suck lots of dicks at the same time.
Julians are typically white but sometimes brown. Brown Julians are super cute and funny so keep an eye out for them because they make good company. White Julians are usually awkward and not fun at all.
That Julian is such a scrub, but look at that dick

I met a brown Julian the other day, his brother is a dick
von ireallylikebuttslikealot 3. September 2013
A man you will want the minute you lay eyes on him. Not nice all the time, but when he is somewhat nice you love it because its so nice compared to usual. Can talk to you everyday all day and then randomly ignore you for weeks at a time. Bipolar. Moody. You want him cause you can't have him. Great in bed but never know how he will act next day. Flips a switch and is suddenly not into you and ignoring you. Biggest player you will ever meet. Everyone says to let him go but he somehow makes an excuse and you go back to loving him all over. Has a girlfriend but never mentions her. Have dreams that maybe you are soulmates but you constantly have to ask yourself if this is real or in your head. is he just using you, or does he like you? is it all an act?
I just wanna marry julian we are soulmates.

I dont care that he has a girlfriend he is so hot and i want him.

Julian was so good in bed I cant stop wanting it.

I hate Julian he hasnt contacted me and he is so bipolar!
von fujulian 23. Oktober 2013

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