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1) Killed in Action
2) Sexual activity stopped by the appearance of a parent, cop, or other person
1) My Granddad was KIA in WW2.
2) Janie and me were fooling around, but when her mom showed up our funtime was KIA.
von pythonspam 7. November 2003
477 262
An acronym for 'Know It All'. One of those people who has an answer for everthing no matter what the subject matter is. Especially those who answer a question with a holier-than-thou attitude.
Bob - "What is pi? I forgot"

Andy the Kia - "The mathematical constant pi is an irrational real number, approximately equal to 3.14159265358979323846.., which is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter in Euclidean geometry, and has many uses in mathematics, physics, and engineering."

Bob - "Thanks, I just needed the number you fucking Kia".
von Shirelle 4. Oktober 2007
39 35
Shitty korean car that falls apart on the assembly line and disintegrates when it drizzles.

north korea's slow attack in the US.

stalls out while going up hill.
kia stands for



von A WHITE GUY 8. Oktober 2013
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Acronym for "Korean International Automobiles"
I bought a Kia, they may not be the best cars, but they have a great warranty.
von Dirty Cooder 30. Mai 2007
33 33
Knockmore Irish Army
oh balix the kia are guna feckin bate me
von droid21 26. April 2011
1 6
Killed In Action. KIA is South Korea 2nd largest automobile manufacturer.
im not driving in that KIA
von nick walsh 693 16. Februar 2009
12 18
The Underground CIA. One who has insider information and/or disinformation about a wide variety of topics and subjects. Bullshit artist.
"Man, that KIA sure winded me with her viewpoints and persepctives on the psychosocial manipulation and subversion of the masses!"
von KIA - Underground Authority 10. November 2007
8 27
Shitty Korean car in which the manufacturers use mighty mend-it to fasten parts to the frame it stands for Kock In Ass. Mostly driven by Homos and guys named Blake.
Mike:Blake drives a KIA.
Mark:He's a faggot.
Mike: Kock In Ass motor corp is for shit pickels.
Mark: Yup.
von Mr.Zombie3000 28. Januar 2011
11 41