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Kelly: She is the most beautiful woman that could have ever walked into my life, She knows how to make you smile when you want to cry. Her smile could stop a thousand hearts from beating, She makes you laugh till you cry and she always leaves you wanting more. There are really no words to explain how she can make you feel inside but when you see her or talk about her it shows on your face, She is irreplaceable. She is the woman you'd want to wake up to every morning of every day.
Kelly: My future wife, My world.
von A.M.D 4. März 2012
A strong individual that has natural brown hair but dyes it several colors because she thinks she doesn't look good enough to impress. She's naturally beautiful. She's got the eyes of a freaking god. She stresses out over the stupidest things because she's a person that actually cares. When she reads in physics class her voice is real soft and low. I think she could easily be a pimp if she didn't have a strong will power. She has people chasing after her like it's a game of tag. And her favorite fruit is nacho cheese. Oh and she makes out with the pillow pet I gave her. She's someone worth knowing. One of the best things that might happen to you. Boom.
Kelly moves like Jagger
von Bodybuilderyo 28. November 2011
A small town girl who is the definition of true beauty. She'll put you through hell to see if you're worth it, she's worth going through that hell for. She's strong hearted and loving. She tries to hide her feelings but you can see what's going on. She gives the most comforting hugs and you can't go a minute without thinking about her. After all is said and done you still can't help but care for her. She's a Kelly.
Friend: why do you still try?
Me: she's worth it man, she's Kelly.
von kcc55525 19. Dezember 2012
A beautiful amazing strong and a caring women. To find a true Kelly is to find some one who is extremely understanding, although it may not be at first, but once realized she will give all the understanding she has to give. Not to mention a Kelly is intelligent, she will challenge you in ways you never would think were possible, nor will she ever stop challenging you. So if your not up for challenges then run away! :) And if you are then be sure to challenge her back. To have a kelly is something to hold close, to cherish and never let go of!
von -j. cole 27. Mai 2013
Somebody that hopes you're okay! That simplistic. That's all!
Things a Kelly might say:
"You Okay?"
" You know, it can't all be that bad! You could be stuck knee deep in turd with these jagletooth type creatures, overbearing crotch grabbers trying to rip your face off and know what my life's been like! Pretty nasty mental picture but, are you knee deep in turd with jagletooths trying to rip your face off? And, you know, if you took those camera's and zoomed way in to actually see how many times a crotch is grabbed and then they touch their face too. Then proceed to something in a store dept., person or field. The #'s would be astounding!
It can even be sound bite and voiced over if you wanna get silly with it!
Chin up! Smile a bit! My life hasn't been grand but, I still try to find reasons to each day! I still love ya! Try to remember what makes you happy threw all that! You know,. . . What parts are your Jubilant?"
a kool girl to hang around with. she laughs when you try to tell her a secret for then people thinks shes hearing a joke. shes a pretty, warm hearted girl. kelly is a very good friend to have. kelly is also a great singer.
"kelly your so nice."
von trolllllllllllllllls 13. Juni 2013
Kelly, A Girl That Plays Some Sports,Hot,Tall. Guys Love Her Chicks Hate Her. She Is Very Likable. She Is Old Fashion. Don't Always Trust People When They Say She Is A Bitch. Everyone Calls Her Names Especially Guys, But She Is The Sweetest Bitch You'll Every Meet, And Everyone Will Understand Once They Get To Know Her She Can Be Slightly Judgmental And She Knows How To Have Fun. She Keeps Her Bestfriends Close But Her Enemies Closer. Normally Her Bestfriends Are Really Annoying Cute And Sweet.Kelly's Have A Bubbly Personality and A Bigger Chest With A Tiny Ass. If She Gets Made Fun Of She Will Get Them Back 10x Worse. Dont Get On Her Bad Side Because She Will Pick You Up And Drop You On Your Head, Always Stay On Her Good Side Because You Can Apologize To Her But She Will Always Have Some Hatred Toward You. She Isn't The Best In School But She Makes Up For It In Her Personality Department.
Ivan: Hey Kelly Is So Hot, Im Going To Ask Her Out.
Nathan: Ew Really I Hate Her
Kelly: Um Excuse Me, Your An Ass
Ivan: Hey Kelly Want To Go Out?
Kelly: Yeah I Will!!
von Echo923 22. April 2012