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a rapper who's been in the game for 20 years and can't stop licking his lips due to a rare illnessthat makes lips taste like cookie dough
von cnlballa 11. Oktober 2003
631 130
A much under-rated rapper. Almost one of the immortals.
With DefJam...and especially good when appearing with Redman, DMX and Meth.
Also a movie star.
LL Cool J is the funk master.
von Diego 2. Oktober 2003
313 191
Ladies Loves Cool James.
One of the best rappers out there. Has been rapping for the past 20 years, and for some reason he's still just as hot as he was when he started. His songs are the horniests.
The HOTTEST rapper ever.
Lili Loves Cool James
He's so hot it's not even funny...
von Lili 5. Dezember 2003
278 158
Ladies Love Cool J
von Anonymous 4. Oktober 2003
119 68
stands for "ladies love cool james"
A male rapper that has been around for 20 years.
I love the song "control myself" by ll cool j
von khadii 3. Februar 2008
72 27
Someone that gets riped by a canibus.
Canibus Riped ll cool j in half with the song "Second Round KO"
von asebak 27. März 2007
99 81
is da best rapper
his da man
von kazam 7. Februar 2004
65 84