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Most awesomest person in the world.
The nickname for Olivia.
Simply a stunning person all round.
Livvy is the BEST person in the world.
von Livvy 13. März 2005
298 180
The most awesome, amazing Southerner to ever grace the land of the UK. Holds the assets of strokable hair and an amazing smile.
Wow! If my calculations are correct, then that must be...LIVVY!
von Natye 7. April 2005
133 77
Ditsy also ditzy; Eccentric or scatterbrained.
most commonly found in blonde form
pulling a livvy: "person x says "My brother sells knives now," and livvy says, "Does he sell knives?"
von damn.I'm.cute 23. Februar 2009
57 63
when a girl gives you a blowjob
and swalloms all the cum
the nibbles at the end of your penis

called a livvy because its so lively
"man that bitch last night i swear she gave me the best livvy "
von steavie 2. Januar 2008
98 122
A try-hard slut who does anything to fit in with the crew.
she must have been a livvy
von ihaveagressivediorrhea 10. Dezember 2010
44 73