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Another name for a girl's boyfriend, lover or toy.
Noun: "WHOA! Check out that chick's mansnack!"
Adjective: "Yes, I'm her mansnack now."
von LewsTherin12 14. Januar 2008
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Man snacks are snacks eaten by men, usually while watching sport and/or drinking beer.

To be defined as a man snack, the foodstuff must be either a) salty, b) fatty and/or c) meaty.

Women are forbidden from eating man snacks.
Chips, nachos, nuts, bacon are all examples of man snacks.
von The Day The Music Died 24. Juni 2008
7 1
When two (Heterosexual) men have each simultaneously eat a separate piece of food. It must be done at a place of work during a break. Only men may do this.
Bob I'm hungry, Let's have a man snack
von Bob2011 22. Februar 2011
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(Noun) A snack that is considered more "manly" than other snacks.
Jared: Dude look at that beef jerky!
Eric: I know right! It's such a Mansnack!
von RedMelon 7. April 2010
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A straight male who sometimes indulges in "man snacks" or homosexual activity. Can also be woman snacks.

David is Harrison your daily man snack?
von Lashanique 23. Juni 2007
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