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n. A Half-man, Half-Goat hybrid.
You are a mangoat.
von Mirai 1. Oktober 2002
An animal that has a goat body and a mans head, completely real.

I guess in short, you could call it a furry.
Woah... Look at that Man Goat!
von NatsukiKonaKon 16. Januar 2010
A Half-man, Half-goat hybrid.
You are a Mangoat. Your mother was a man, your father a goat.
von Mirai 1. Oktober 2002
see also Goatman: A man with the dong of a goat.
"hey man, what happened to your man jung, yours looks like a goat schwang. get the hell away from me, Kris!"
von the nose 21. Januar 2003
Apple of Joey Grover's eye.
Dude, Joey Grover's cuddling with that mangoat again? What a bitch!
von Chase Kuntz 11. Februar 2004