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When a Mc Donalds Dollar menu Mc chicken is inserted into a Mc Double. Creating a Mc Monster. There is also a Mc Monster challenge where one cannot put down, drink or use a napkin once the contestant has started. This word originated from the Northwest of Washington.
Bill: Lets go to Mc Donalds to do the Mc Monster Challenge!
Joe: Oh god! im still recovering from the last Mc Monster
von 221krew 8. Juni 2010
Someone of large physical size who eats at McDonald's frequently.
We were walking out of McDonald's, when, suddenly, a McMonster driving a Ford minivan almost ran us over trying to drag race out of the drive-thru!
von Fred Murphy9999 31. August 2010
Extremely large breasts
Look at Maki's McMonsters, there huge!
von Maki Mcmonster 17. Januar 2009