Actress who, though not rather good, has gained the attraction of teenage boys aorund the world (dispite having a boob job, lip plumping surgery and a nose job).

Attractive but boring, mainly due to the same pose she uses for every photo taken of her and her kind-of desperate "tomboy" act she puts on.

Girls apparently can't like her because guys will say they're jealous - and boys can't say it either because then they would "be gay".

Was much prettier naturally, and is the downfall to every teenage girl suffering with low self esteem. Along with Cheryl Cole, girls now pine to look like this in an attempt to look like what their male peers find most attractive.

This then results in the crushingly low feeling girls feel due to the male peers commenting on how "hot" Megan Fox is, "the hottest girl alive". Not acceptable when told to your girlfriend.

Said by many guys to be "curvy", but the hourglass figure shows a difference of 9 inches between the waist and hips, which is near impossible considering her American size 2 figure.
Girlfriend: Let's go see a movie!

Boyfriend: Yeah, Megan Fox is in Jennifer's Body, she's the hottest girl alive.

Girlfriend: You're dumped.


14-year-old guy 1: Megan Fox is sooooo fit

14-year-old guy 2: Oh yeah I just jizzed in my pants

14-year-old guy 1: Lets go wank over her

14-year-old guy 2: Nah I have to go see my girlfriend

14-year-old guy 1: Pussy.
von NadddRush 28. November 2009
Top Definition
An average-looking chick who, due to her need for a bloated ego, underwent a lot of plastic and somehow, because she was named "World's Sexiest Woman," is now the "Sexiest Woman Alive" to sexually frustrated 14-year-old males across the globe. She idolizes Angelina Jolie (Um, why?) so much that she got plastic surgery to look more like her, then she tells everyone that she is "not the next anyone." When asked if she is attractive, she usually answers with something conceited like, "Well, I'm clearly not ugly." ORLY? I guess that when you're turned into a plastic duck via plastic surgery, you get a free pass to be full of sh*t.
"I think Megan Fox is the hottest woman alive."
"Yeah, because you're fourteen. I forgive you for your ignorance."


"Megan Fox isn't the next anyone. She is so original!"
"Oh, really? Then why does Megan Fox look like a cheap clone of Angelina Jolie?"
von LOL@MYDEFINITION! 21. Juni 2009
-"Actress" of average skill and average looks.
-Tries too hard to look like Angelina Jolie even though she'll never admit it.
-Has the same vapid, open mouth look on her face
-Has an inflated ego and says stupid shit that fanboys think are "cool" and "funny" but those of us with a brain recognize that they make her sound stupid
-Thinks she's the "rebel" of Hollywood, but really she's exactly like every other Hollywood whore
-Quoted as saying she doesn't want to be famous because of her looks but continues to pose naked for various magazines
-Basically only 15 year old fan boys think she's hot but don't try to disagree with them, they'll just tell you that you're either a gay guy or a jealous female.
"Does your mom know you're gay?"
^^^Typical response from a Megan Fox fanboy.
von katie was here 5. Juli 2009
Megan Fox is hot if you are into people that look like Ru Paul. She cant act and needs to stop living. If you don't agree to that, at least we all still know that she is a BITCH!
Die Megan Fox Die
von Every Real Man (matt) 30. Juni 2009
cheap tranny who starred in the Transformers movies. underwent numerous plastic surgery to look hot and is beleived to be the "hottest woman alive" by numerous men. trying too hard to look like Angelina Jolie, and is actually not hot at all.
Megan Fox has enough plastic in her body to make 10,000 coke bottles.
von SexyLexie 31. August 2009
Some ignorant woman with poor acting skills.

She's only attractive because of all the surgery she has had.
She often does interviews were she highly contradicts herself, hence why she is a dumb bitch.
Megan Fox:I used to cut myself when i was younger. I was really insecure.blah blah blah. I have a strong confident vagina.

The world:Yeah sure Megan, because you know, vagina's aren't apart of you.
von xemilymariex 11. November 2009
An "actress" who is only famous because Michael Bay thought he could bang her if he casted her in a completely useless role in the Transformers movies.

She is so desirable to men because she is basically anything you want her to be. She's the sexy girl next door, but also the hot tomboy friend you've always wanted. But the truth is, she only does that shit to gain a larger male fan base. Any person with a brain realizes that no self respecting tomboy is going to cake on make-up with a shovel everyday and get tons of plastic surgeries to look like someone more attractive.
In all honesty, Megan Fox is a fake and if you go to your local mall, you'll find tons of other girls who are a lot more attractive than her and probably a lot more talented than her and could be just as famous as her with the aid of Hollywood.

Megan Fox really is nothing special but 14 year old fanboys and the rest of our fucked up society/media choose to make her so.
von damndude 31. Juli 2009
Overrated. The girl version of Matthew McConaughey. Megan is just another person who shouldn't be put on the pedestal like she is some sort of goddess. Just remember that Megan Fox takes dumps & she has toes for thumbs. Oh & she doesn't look like Angelina Jolie! How do they even fit in the same sentence? I don't get that.

Brittany Spankers: You sad, lonely boy. Even if she were as hot as you say is, she isn't spending her time daydreaming about a 14-year-old boy. Get over it.
von Snickertoodle 8. Februar 2010
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