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Shortened form of awkward boy that hooks up with both of your roommates, and then denies it
Wow, narch is a complete and total tool. He stayed in Liz's bed, made out with Kate at Finny's, and then lied about it. They're hot- what's his deal?
von Julie Julie Bo Bulie 20. November 2007
North American Roller hockey Championship
New jersey won the NARCh nationals
von John Bowman 5. September 2005
A way of saying "bitch" without "bitches" knowing about it. Or, a woman who thinks she's all that, but she ain't - she's just a know, a narch!
So, Kathy came over and started spouting off about some bullshit right in my ear. What a narch!

Wow, dude - look over there! Hella narches!
von Narchmaster 3002 18. Oktober 2009
a narch is an infected vagina
Dude- I was hooking up with this chick from the bar and 20 minutes in I realized she had a narch
von T Monster 16. Januar 2008
It means cool, awesome, ratcal
That trick is so narch.
von jill F. 23. April 2008