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If you are concidering attending an NA meeting and wonder what it's like, it's probably gonna be not like you expected. Many emphasize the 12 step program NA uses, the sponsor-system and the "higher force" but what makes NA unique is that all of this is voluntary, and the "higher force" is not God or Jesus, but a force within yourself. You don't have to call first, sign a membership or plan anything, you can just show up at the meeting and sit down around a table.

Nobody has to say anything at a meeting, making it an easy starting point for someone who are looking to end their drug problems. What you do is listen, to people who know your drug problem from every aspect because they have experienced it themselves. Some are in a worse place than you are, while others have achieved the things you dream of. Meeting these people in an eviroment where you are equals can be very inspirational and this is why NA often succseed where "the system" fails.
Just get your ass to a meeting and sit down and listen. The shittier you feel walking into narcotics anonymous the better you'll feel coming out. Don't ask me why, but it works.
von The Incredible nerd/junkie 2. Februar 2010
A 12 step program started by Jimmy K. Alcoholics Anonymous's red-headed step child fellowship. The "other" 12 step program. Terms like "clean and sober" "addict and alcoholic" and "cross addicted" are not necessary in NA meetings
Let's go to the Narcotics Anonymous meeting and talk about how crazy we are then go get some coffee
von yeksim 8. November 2006