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An act in which the male has intercourse with his female partner and starts with the "sideways" position followed by giving her oral pleasure, but he must have a full grown beard. Thus giving the act of a "Fred Claus". After that, the man's penis will soften so the female must give him a "Cinderella Man" by giving him a handjob with a boxing glove. He thus then puts on a taxicab hat and has the female lay on her stomach while he rubs his penis on her ass giving her the "Man on The Moon" with butter on his nuts. He must say the phrase "One step for man, On giant leap for Gaimatti". Then he takes her to the bathroom and has her in doggystyle position over the tiolet. Her head dipped into the tiolet bowl as he has doggy style intercourse thus creating the "Lady in the Water". After that session she needs to put some baking greese on her knees, kneel down, say "Honey I'm home" and the man respond by inserting his penis in her mouth thus giving her "The Big fat Liar". After all is done he finishes by ejaculating on her knuckles giving her the "Shoot em Up". She takes the sperm from her knuckles, rubs it against his testicles and then shakes them up like a snow globe thus creating the finale known as the Paul Giamatti Snow globe.

Try it on your friends.
Bitch shut up before I make you go through the Paul Giamatti Snow Globe and make you drown in the tiolet.
von MyWayEntertainment 20. Januar 2008
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When a male ejaculates into a feamle's mouth and then shakes her head like a snowglobe
Man, the last time I sucked the pickle in front of Chuck E. Cheese's, he gave me a Paul Giamatti Snowglobe!
von Robert Fetterman 27. Januar 2008

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