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To Ream, to annihilate the ass-hole of your sexual partner while performing anal sex.
After I reamed her ass last night I feel L337 as hell.
von Griffin 12. Dezember 2004
To totally destroy, dominate, or defeat, often in a particularly brutal or embarrassing maner
<noob>: How could I lose ten to nothin'?
<733t>: You got reamed, son!
von jwing789 10. August 2005
To Rip,shred, or tear someone's asshole apart.
dude i fuckin reamed yo asshole
von F.A. 16. August 2003
destroyed the person in an arguement of words
I reamed the chick out.
von millilitrelovin 3. Juni 2009
Johnny wanted to give Jane a big ream after her stellar performance as a one-note fucker.
von Modge 22. Juni 2003
to shred a asshole and laugh because it bleeds
i reamed u freekin n00b
von noober 13. Juli 2005