Jamacian born gangstah. A greeting from one Jamacian to another.
Yo Rude-Boy!
von Gumba Gumba 21. Februar 2004
1. People that follow ska music
2. someone who wears lots of checkered clothing and does a dance called "skanking"
3. sometimes wear suits and funny hats
All the Rude boys are going to the ska show tonight.
von stevekelting 3. Mai 2006
The rudeboys were the rejection of the rockers because they didnt want to be part of that scene during the 60's.

The most important thing is their love of 2nd wave ska, known as 2 tone (record label with the Specials).

Often confused (ignorantly) with chavs. Rudeboy clothing is smart and respectable, and is now crossed with mod clothing.

They aren't gangster, either.
"All the rudeboys have gone to Shanty Town"

Rudies in Love - The Ordianry Boys
von McJen 9. Januar 2006
Contrary to all other definitions - which have mainly been chavs - rudes are predominately poor inner city youths wearing completely black tracksuites with flat caps and bikes. Mostly involved with low time drug dealing and gangs rudes are extremly violent. Basically any time you read about someone getting stabbed in london under the age of 20 they were a rude and were stabbed by rudes. From what i can see heavily influenced by Nigerian, sommalian and jamacan culture.
Shit bare rude boys
von HACKNEYMANDEMZ 10. Juli 2008
Rude boys, along with Townies and Chavs are basically a bunch of no-hopers that are steadily on the increase in Britain. They are losers who aspire to ridiculously dressed rap artists such as 50 Cent who give off a completely inaccurate portrayal of American Ghettoes. The modern British rude boy is almost always born into a middle or upper class family and have a perfect upbringing. When they reach their teens they will, in a sorry attempt to rebel against their horribly sheltered upbringing, start speaking and dressing like idiots. They will pay little or no attention to their education and begin smoking and doing other light drugs by the time they reach Y9 at secondary school. In actuality underprivileged children who are brought up in real Ghettoes would embrace an education as a chance to escape from the harsh gun-culture that they are forced into. British rude boys waste the middle-class opportunities they are blessed with and ruin their lives.

Rude boys hate anyone who does not conform to this stereotype. Anyone who shows any signs of individuality and doesn’t enjoy listening to 50 Cent, Tupac or even Blazin' Squad (A bunch of teenage pricks with abnormally small heads and a fixation with prostitutes who probably all went to Oxford and whose parents own villas in the south of France).

I could go on...but I wont 'cos this definition could turn into a novel.

So, to summarise. A rude boy is the very epitome of British conformism and cowardice.

They are scum.
RUDE BOY: "I lost my virginity to a hooker when I was 12, I smoke 'cos I’m gangsta!"
INDIVIDUAL: "Sure you did Eugene...we all believe you."
von The Last Individual 11. Februar 2005
Basically a Bristish wanna-Be Ghetto who thinks their hard and heavy and hangs around outside Mcdonalds in perfectly normal areas such as Croydon threatening to start "beef" with anyone who "screws" them. They think that the following try to be like them but really they are all the same thing. retarded ugly mong-faces who think getting "pissed" in Slutton every weekend is their lifelong ambition:
see, chavpikeypikeysbeggit
Words to describe them retarded loser dickhead twat mofo tramp scum weed smoker
The list goes on...and on...and on...
I could name about 200 of them but they will think its a compliment so i'll leave it.
von ~*~ME~*~ 8. Januar 2005
When bling bling gangsta culture and sheer stupidity collide you are left with the rude boy.

Rudeboys are simply males who feel it is their place in society to beat up small children, attempt to mug people because they forgot their bus fare, and loiter around the local mcdonalds for hours in posses of 5-7 members. They insanely uncomfortable baseball caps, schott jackets, ugly looking mainstream sports brand tracksuits and ALWAYS tight nike trainers, regardless of whether what their actual activities involve playing sports, which is what the clothes they wear are actually designed for. Their hobbies consist of being threatening (they try), talking utter shit and listening to arrogant black men talking about themselves over repetitive beats. FUN FUN FUN!!! they appear to depict fun as causing inconvenience to members of the public. when they're not doing that, theyre threatening members of the public. the rude boy is easily offended by any insult wayward comment, or even look in their general direction. any thing which offends them (often for no apparent reason) prompts a tirade of offensive gestures, threats and attempted 'blapsing' (when the rudeboys croud round someone, and attempt to inflict pain on their unsuspecting victim). Their anger and mannerisms stem from their overpowering desire to act as though they were raised in a cardboard box in 'tha ghetto' by their speed freak mom. Im sure upper class suburban life is ever so hard. This redundant feeling of hostility is amplified by the garbage mini pop junkies and rudeboys alike listen to : RAP MUSIC. Rap music is nothing but arrogant black men praising their pimped up life style:fast cars with 'twennys on em', half naked 'bitches' with huge derieres shaking their tits, big groups of ridiculously dressed men attempting to act intimidating and boyish, and their gigantic piles of feminine esque jewelery which they wear in copious amounts every where visible for all the shallow bitches to swoon at and get hitched the same night. rude boys of the british and non L.A gangster category buy into this turgid crap, because it gives them a false sense of empowerment. they use this false sense of empowerment on any member of the public dumb enough to listen, and if no one listens, they confront someone and make them listen. Basically the rude boy in its current form (a sad asre school dropout with a total lack of credibility) is a piece of shit thats not worth a minute of anyones time, because if you give them your time theyll try and mug you.
"Oi man you startin beef, iz you askin for me and me homies to blaps you for no good reason but to look like stupid little ghetto children"
von dr cuddles II 26. Juli 2004

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