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The beer you realize Monday morning you have left over from a weekend of heavy drinking with friends at home, pool or any other local BYOB get together.
Sup, what are you doing Monday night? I have 13 cans of strange brew.

1 Miller Lite, 4 Coronas, 3 Coors Lite, 1 Heineken and some shit I never heard of.
von DallasDotCommer 24. Juli 2012
22 2
A weirdo, nutcase or whackjob, someone who isn't quite all there.
1.That jersey girl is a strange brew.
von Evil Shelly 27. Februar 2007
12 4
Coffee made with nonstandard/weird additives or ingredients, otherwise ill-brewed or altered, or just plain odd. Could also be applied to other things, such as tea, code, or ideas.
"Man, these grass clippings make for a strange brew!"

"The Java code wasn't working, so I replaced the functionality of a few methods with C#, and somehow this strange brew works better than anything I've ever seen!"
von TehBawlz 1. August 2009
2 3
Current member of the KickBanned forums. See cool
Strangebrew is cool
von Gikata 23. März 2004
1 4