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Another term for whore, first used by Shakespeare to describe loose women.
"Thou art a strumpet!"
von HeeBeeGeeBee 1. Mai 2005
An extremely whorish girl
I'm going to the game to watch the strumpets. What? You know, the cheerleaders.
von Zo, Joose, and Jeff 20. März 2003
How Captain Jack Sparrow refers to all women. Even perfectly respectably ones.
"Or is it that you've found a girl and are otherwise incapable of wooing said're not a eunuch are you?"
von Ms. Sparrow 19. Februar 2004
Another word for a prostitute. Not to be confused with a musical instrument or snack that is served with tea.
It's tea and crumpets, not tea and strumpets.

-You play the trumpet, not the strumpet!
-But the strumpet is well-skilled on the skin flute.
#strìopach #hure #hoer #kurva #britney spears #ann coulter #paris hilton
von Lorelili 24. Dezember 2006
A woman prostitute.
Shut up, strumpet, just put it in your mouth.... ahh that's better.
von Captain 26. Juni 2003
lady of the streets, prostitute, hooker, harlot, call girl
stop sleeping with a strumpet fo I hit u
#bawd #call girl #camp follower #courtesan #harlot #prostitute #scarlet woman #streetwalker #tart
von Charles DUB 1. März 2006
Hoes Hookers Sluts Hoodrats... a group of girls who constantly willing to jump on dick
Shes just another one of them strumpets
#hoes #hoodrats #hookers #sluts #skeezers
von BabYGuRLNPToWN 30. August 2006
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