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A combination of the words: Stupid and Douchebag. A more efficient way to call someone really stupid who is also acting like a douchebag at the same time. While it may seem redundant, Stuchebag is used when "douchebag" alone does not convey the level of douchebaggery going on.

The act of being a stuchebag is: Stuchebaggery. As in: the amount of stuchebaggery being displayed by that kid is astounding. Somebody should punch him in his pussy.
Did you see what Jared did at the company picnic? He was not only completely shitfaced and making a fool of himself in front of the little kids trying eat their lunch.... but he was hitting on the CEO's wife while the CEO was standing there. What a complete stuchebag!
von JeffB69 20. April 2013
A complete retard who argues the unarguable on internet forums. Someone who trolls for trolling's sake. Never tires of being proven wrong. Will repeatedly be beaten down with facts and logic yet still come back for more abuse.
While Discussing the gun control debate; spacial ed said:

No, it 2013 Gun Control bill never went to vote. It was filibustered. It went to debate, but cloture was not established to go to the constitutionally defined simple majority vote. The AWB and Mag limit wasn't even allowed to go to debate.

Had the amendment went to vote, it would have passed the Senate. Doubtful the TeaTards would have ratified it in congress.

This was a GOP filibuster, lead by McConnellcunt himself.

I actually admire special eddy for his determination to never tire of being wrong. What a Stuchebag!
von JeffB69 21. April 2013
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