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1. The Greatest Fighting Game of all time, featuring a variety of very unique characters It doesn't matter which came first cause its better then any game on the market
2. Good beyond words
3. A philosophy dictating that fighting itself is just rather then the goals of the fighting
1. Let's Play Tekken Tag Tournement
2. Oh my god thats...Tekken!
3. Empty concepts like justice are meaningless I shall show you with my Tekken!
von Korhend 23. Mai 2003
20 16
verb: to play any of the Tekken games.
"you guys wanna tekken?"
von Bobbie Velasquez 27. April 2006
11 9
vt. To defeat someone in a fighting game by repeatedly executing the same move.
Why is Heihachi in this game? He's not good for anything except tekkening the CPU.
von Darf 15. November 2005
5 5
wtf r u losers on about that r saying tekken sux???
Tekken is THE SHIT!! Best fighting game ever! And wats this shit about street fighter? Therez no resemblance between the 2 games!!! and so wat if its easy to beat? if u got any frends just play it with them. if u dnt then fuck u. thats ur problem.
The Tekken series is in a leauge of its own
no need for examples. Tekken is tekken. I rekcon tekken 3 was a huge improvement from 1 and 2 and they were good enuf as it was!!!
von TuRkEy 25. Dezember 2003
14 14
the greatest fighting game of all time. it's easy to play not beat and hard to master. take it from me. ive played tekken for 6 years and are the australian chmapion at it. Also, Street Fighter, Rival Schools and Soul Calibur 2 rock and 4 all of us out there that like Virtua Fighter suck my balls
for the definition of virtua fighter see gay.
22 24
ITs a game that lives up to its standards and have a better story line out there then most of those games out there...its the only game I know for right now or played that have decent characters and a old man that Everyones loves to beat the crap out of...for any button pushers out there they won't get passed round 2 on Ultra hard in Tekken 4.
The Tekken series lives up to its own standards.
von Jade 5. Juli 2003
9 11
Tekken will fuk your life up. The game is the epitomy of the phrase "easy to learn, difficult to master." Virtua Fighter is a great game in it's own right. As is any Street Fighter. But Tekken is the pinnacle of fighting games. The newest Tekken, Tekken 4, is however a shallow and hollow version of the greatest fighting game ever, Tekken Tag Tournament.
I got hooked at Tekken 2. Good thing Tekken 4 is a piece of crap, otherwise i would have never been able to get away from the game.
von Happy in NO 1. Oktober 2003
12 15