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Young man. Generally with masculine scent that lasts all day. The 3rd man. Has dinosaur qualities. Hungry.
TheEndruu got a 73 out of 76 on his English speach.
von Andrew Kinning 6. Mai 2003
2 0
Button Fiend. Fond of Horsey noises. Lover of Seinfeld.
TheEndruu will never love me, for I do not love Seinfeld.
von Saddened Soul 13. August 2003
1 0
One who tries to be funny, often without success.
TheEndruu told a joke, the joke left something to be desired: Funny.
von Davey 15. Juli 2003
2 1
a jedi master!!!!
TheEndruu is a jedi master.
von anonymous 9. Juli 2003
1 0
Usually a person who likes meg ryan. Likes gay bands.
TheEndruu is in Mr.Nynas's class.
von ________ 7. Mai 2003
1 0
One who isnt funny
TheEndruu isnt funny
von endruu disliker 6. Juli 2003
0 0
someone who stays up all night looking at porno and denies it to there mom!
TheEndruu in love with a bootyfull women needs pleasure
von shaullet 15. Juni 2003
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