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A place to sit and think. Also a good place to take a plop.
I'm going to go to the toilet and figure this out.
von Frogbutt 30. November 2004
1180 139
n. 1. The system of depositing one's feces invented by Mr. Crapper himself when one day his wife got sick of him taking dumps in the kitchen sink.

synonyms-latrine, crapper, lavatory, john, the can, the pot, stool, throne, potty, commode
Seymour likes to drink out of the toilet.
von Seymour Butz 27. März 2003
579 178
A seat-like object where you dis-charge feces from the anus.
"You get more ass than a toilet seat"
von Master of Poo 21. März 2005
283 98
A bowl for urinating or defecating into. However, people use this bowl to throw rubbish away and to spunk into and throw tampons into.
"Dude, Toilet!"
von Soiled Undergarment 11. Juli 2003
295 127
the crapper
whoa, check out that crap in that toilet, it looks like maria!
von .. 10. Juni 2003
273 145
Its a sanctuary where you take a shit Sometimes you may piss or even upchuck... Human waste goes here.
Cassandra uses the toilet quite often.
von Jazmo 26. Februar 2006
159 48
A cool winter breeze.
The toilet feels good on your face after a hard night of drinking.
von Collin Smith 23. Juni 2004
186 120