A show on the TV network "WB"
Static Shock is incredibly uncool
von A guy with taste 27. April 2004
A dork or nerd. Or someone who isnt cool in general. These people can be found wearing crooked glasses taped at the center, khaki pants worn at armpit level, a striped, knock off version of a polo with all the buttons done, a watch-calculator. These people can be seen holding the following items; Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Pokemon cards, SAT study guides, ACT study guides, Calculus text books, 7 notebook filled with technobabble and unesseccary math equations, their shirt pockets are filled with, but not limited to; pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, colored pencils, crayons, rulers, calculators, eye drops, backup glasses, rare Yu-Gi-Oh cards, small notebooks and on-the-go math equations. These people can also be found making a total fool of themselves, running through the hallways when theres 6 minutes to get to class yet their next subject is down the hallway, running down the stairs to get to their other so called friends to play Pokemon and other useless card games, discussing World of Warcraft, dropping books and pushing up their glasses because they are 2 times the size of his/her head, tripping, slipping and falling out of no where, their knees are usually buckled in and their face is full of acne. In class they attemp to answer every question possible before the teacher even asks one. The other students sit there slouched in their chairs which this uncool kid is sitting there with his fingers interlocked, sitting up as straight as possible. When the bell rings he/she is usually seen scrambling to stuff oversized books into their roller backpacks with cool flames printed on it. Their fanny packs are stuffed with homework and writing utensils.
Did you see johnny? Hes so uncool.
#un #cool #uncool #dork #loser
von andy385553 10. Mai 2008
not havin the respect for ones game room on said night. not following the rules of the game room.
yo man, i had rocky over last night, not only was the bitch bigger than him, but using my room for nasty ass ho's !!! man, that was uncool !!
von sam 18. November 2003
no 'in'. another definition for 'mom'.
My mom is weirdly uncool.
von Sarah 29. Mai 2004
1. In the stereotypical sense; the absence of being cool. When and object, saying, style, person ect… does not fit into the status quo.

2. In the non-stereotypical sense; An individual or group being rude to or harassing another individual or group or simply being ignorant toward others.
1. "Reading is so uncool!" Billy said to Johnny, throwing Johnny's book away.

2. Billy was being uncool by throwing away Johnny's book.
#uncool #lame #rude #ugly #out of style #from the past #ignorant #unpopular
von Serenadeanb 7. Dezember 2014
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