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a bad ass chocolate drink.
get me a yoohoo, bitch
von jessica 27. Oktober 2002
307 46
Slang for the children of a single mom. Deriving from the fact that if you sleep with her and spend the night, you will have to buy her kids a yoohoo the next morning.
Bro, I am dating a hot divorced chick...

Make sure she does not have any yoohoo's...
von B. Hanback 17. Januar 2008
159 95
The drink of the gods!!!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i love yoo hoo.
von Trevor J 27. Mai 2005
41 9
Delicious chocolate drink of which brings pleasure to all who drink it.
I sure love to drink yoo-hoo!
von Jordon 5. Februar 2004
39 9
A simple greeting often used from afar. Sometimes considered antiquated but still fun to say.
"Oh, look. Here comes Jill. Yoohoo! Jill!"
von ths1161969 18. November 2011
28 5
1. a good choclate drink
2. slang for the male reproductive organ
1. that yoo hoo was awesome
2. your yoo hoo was awesome
von frankie delscrioux 22. April 2004
22 10
a word sometimes used to convey excitement, particularly on facebook, by idiots who don't know that the word is just a chocolate drink. it should be woohoo.
it's friday! yoohoo!
von theonlyjason 23. November 2009
30 19