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A average sized brunette. Usually has dark brown eyes, is intellegent and aces in writing. Spanish background, with a nice booty. Beautiful, funny, emtional, outgoing.
She looks like a Yulemni for sure !
von therater 23. August 2011
female and good looking, exquisite charms and style and loves animal
date that Yulemni chick!!!
von iloveyourmommy 23. August 2011
Yulemni means amazing
that persons name is yulemni
von thechildbobby 23. August 2011
great in bed!!
That Yulemni was great last night!
von lifesucksforyou 23. August 2011
Yulemni will be the best thing you ever had. She brings light to your life and love to your heart! Her sexyness is undeniable. :) her body is beautiful too! shes caring and sweet and faithful to her man.
Hey kevin your dating Yulemni? Lucky ass!
von joshuatherod 23. August 2011