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An ass clown is one who does such foolish things as to deserve death in return.
Arjun is an ass clown because he enjoys stabbing his own hand.
von Mungerdom 30. Juli 2004
3 17
an experimental rock band from Chicago, Il
the ass clown is great
the ass clown sucks
von evk 15. Juni 2004
5 20
somebody who is a fucking loser
cory wease is a fucking ass clown
von chris 16. September 2003
5 20
somebody who is a puff or just a bit limp wristed or even some scunners
von sheepello 5. Juli 2003
3 18
a homosexual male strongly preferring the tendency to have butt-sex with other men.- a fagle.
elton john's new boy-toy is a real ass clown
von quarterstikk 21. Februar 2007
4 20
A stupid boy
I can't believe I liked that ass clown!
von Shaniqua 16. Oktober 2003
3 19
a total bitch who used to be a clown
Mr. McDonough is such a fucking ass-clown!
von Shawon 17. März 2003
5 21