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Ho, I'm awesome!
von dildomonkey417 7. Dezember 2013
a word that is over used. People use it to describe dumb things. Not often lived up to epic proportions
Dude: That shirt is so awesome
Dude #2: Dude, you should learn the definition of awesome
von Interwebs Master 8. Juli 2012
Devin Wanberg
Devin is awesome !!
von Urmomizfunny 26. März 2012
{insert mirror here}
I am awesome, and now I have proof
von SirAnonymousIII 27. Oktober 2011
This beer is making me awesome.
von lesley3882 13. Oktober 2011
awe·some   aw-suhm –adjective
1.inspiring awe: an awesome sight. 2.showing or characterized by awe. 3.Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome. 4.Fiona Withrington.
ninja's are awesome.
von Peekaerreeree 23. März 2010
Awesome is awesome and it's the only awesome there is. No other word is allowed to be used when describing something that is awesome.

Nouns are excepted.
Dude 1. This night is going to be boss!
Dude 2. What?
Dude 1. Boss = Incredibly awesome!
Dude 2. No! if you mean Incredibly awesome, you say incredibly awesome, or just awesome!
von th7th 9. November 2009