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to be so much more awsome that only one word can discribe, awsomer
i am much more awsomer than you
von Tex 24. Februar 2005
12 3
Being more radical, fundamental, and awsome then someone or something else.
Mike is way awsomer than James
von Mike "Im The Coolest" Loecher 18. November 2002
11 2
Something a retarded surfer-type would say.
My defintion is awesomer than the one above.
von anonymous 21. Februar 2003
10 6
the radist bike gang in vancouver.
Awsomer is way better than that other gang.
von sammy handgun 17. Februar 2004
5 2
to me more awsome than awsome
Strong bad is way more awsomer
von Su-- Chris---ti--a-na 1. Oktober 2003
6 3