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The very end of a penis.
I put my beef tip in her tuna tunnel.
von crank 4. Mai 2005
8 4
when a male has accumulated fatty tissue around the breast area, making the breasts and nipples protrude just a little bit, like beef tips. Very similar to "bitch tits" or "man boobs" but they have their own distinct style. Most often found on guys who are neither skinny nor obese, just a bit pudgy.
Many people think Phil Mickelson has bitch tits, but he clearly has a bad case of beef tips.

Shane used to be skinny, but then he went to college and the Taco Bell and beer diet resulted in his rapid development of beef tips.
von mosquitovalentine 21. April 2010
10 3
Worn out and loose pussy, vagina or cunt lips
1. Ew i saw her beef tips through her bathing suit.
von SwaGGer is ON 27. Juni 2010
4 3
new age cockney slang for 'the shits'
Has Janet been off work with the beef tips?
von slang daddy 12. Mai 2010
3 8