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Someone who licks pu*sy
"i'ma bocat"
von KayDee 12. August 2003
612 164
One who licks pussy.
"Im a bocat because i lick pussy"
von NK 5. April 2005
525 198
it means a person who licks pussies like mad
shish look at that bocat scaring those hell hot chicks away i mean you dont find somone licking pussies in the middle of the
von bogdan klymenko 26. Mai 2004
443 332
a man who licks pussy (not a good thing)
ja rule
von t dub 28. Mai 2003
85 40
Being more than friends with someone
Are we just friends or are we bocatting?

Thomas the tank engine and I are bocatting
von maupakgaywag 14. Januar 2014
0 5
DAMN look at that girl, she's got some BOCATS!!
von Mxryan84 16. September 2008
9 46
A male who typically prefers female company to that of his own male friends. He finds women more preferential due to their fundamental interest in feelings and superficial gossip.

Talk of football, politics and glorifying the female body are of little entertainment to a Bocat.
Simon: Is Adam coming to the pub to watch the football?
David: No, he's being a fucking bocat and seeing Emma.

Peter: Are you going to walk with us lot?
Paul: Nah, I think I'm going to hang back and talk to Selina
Peter: You fucking bocat...
von MrUndermining 28. August 2010
84 168