A marijuana cigarette, joint.
von e-vis 3. Oktober 2003
a Cigarette
(i hope yall knew that)
"smokin' bones in the staircase"
nas, illmatic
von YoungCali 24. August 2003
a domino
"You up for a game of bones?"
von Silent Ninja c1998 15. Juli 2003
1) to fuck
2) a cock
3) short for boner
1) i wanted to bone her up the ying yang
2) my bone was ready to go
3) i saw her and i got an instant bone!
von joerdy 10. April 2003

Derived from the word Boner
1.To fuck someone
2.To want to fuck someone
3.Something in your body

Khloe, Kourtney & Kim Kardashians use it all the time on their show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
1.Man I'd love to bone that chick.

2.How many bones are there in the body?

3.I bones her last week.
von NatashaDee(= 21. Dezember 2009
Street name for Crack Cocaine. Known as the rock itself and the drug.
'Have you got a bone?' referring to the rock

'He is a bone dealer'
von moschino 30. August 2007
means not very good (see bollocks, naff)
ah this weekend has been so bone!
this is bone
that film was bone

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