A sex activity which is a direct result of mutual sexual attraction, largely free from feelings generated by social or emotional needs
Jake: When was the last time you bonobo-ed?
Joshua: Last week, with a mix hot guy.

Dennis: Why haven't you get married?
Charles: I actually realized bonobo is better for me. Actually it may be better for all of us. In that way, sex is free, and we don't create problems because of the fight of getting the privilege to have sex or have babies.
von xiaolong1977 17. Februar 2011
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a species of monkey that enjoys sexual activities. such as so-called "penis fencing", GG rubbing, and oral sex. they use sexual habits as a "friendly handshake" of sorts.
The diversity of erotic contacts in bonobos includes sporadic oral sex, massage of another individual's genitals and intense tongue-kissing.
von NJGSS 14. August 2005
n. A species of chimpanzee (Pan paniscus) of north-central Congo (formerly Zaire), having black hair and more arboreal habits than the common chimpanzee (P. troglodytes). Also called pygmy chimpanzee.
That bonobo just fucked his sister for a piece of fruit.
von jam 21. Dezember 2004
A very rare species of monkey in the Congo/Zaire area of Africa that is unusually hyper-sexual. They look like chimpanzees, and they do all kinds of horny stuff. These horny chimps are only available in a handful of US zoos, like the San Diego zoo.
When I went to the zoo the other day, I was a bit surprised and taken aback to see an x-rated monkey show going on. They call them bonobos but I'm thinking they should call them bonersnhos.
von Adel7 2. Dezember 2007
1. (noun) An adorable species of monkey that is particularly known for its dazzling cheeks, stunning eyes, and its resplendent physical stature. It is probably most famous for its ability to imitate the new born and its unique way of communication with other species of monkey. Characteristics of the Bonobo also include a sporadic sexual appetite and a tendency to indulge in naughty endeavors.

2. (adj.) Used to describe any sexy female with a gorgeous personality.

3. (noun) A hotty with a body.
1. The Bonobo climbed the tree and talked to a fellow Gibbon.

2. Yo John! Did you see that chick? She was so fine, she was just pure Bonobo!

3. Dayum!! What a Bonobo!
von DJ G-Gib 5. April 2011
a species of monkey that enjoys sexual activities. such as so-called "penis fencing", GG rubbing, and oral sex. they use sexual habits as a "friendly handshake" of sorts. A monkey that has an angular head and a quick temper. A person who is disgusting and looks like a monkey. They rarely ever bathe and have ugly features like that of a primate. A person who looks and acts like a monkey by engaging in childish behavior and has a quick temper, and has plots for revenge. A person who should belong in a cage.
We call ryan a bonobo because he looks like a gorilla and has a quick temper, and plots revenges.
von black magic 9. Januar 2008
1. (verb) to resolve a conflict in a peaceful manner
2. (verb) having sexual intercourse after a conflict, participating in make up sex
1. The two groups had been rivals for many years, but once they sat down and talked with each other they were able to bonobo their issues.
2. They were fighting all night but they must have made up becuase they've been bonoboing all morning.
von Daughter Earth 7. November 2007
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