not cool, not good, stupid.
"That's hella booboo ass shit."
von gogopwrrnger 4. November 2005
a term black people use for having a baby
yo shaniqua, imma go take booboo, wat should i name it.
von wallball123 10. Juli 2008
A Nice Hit, When Something Grabs you by the Boo Boo
*Cough** Dat shit Grabbed me by the boo boo
von Tommy Chong 4. Mai 2004
the noise thee clique makes when they are done fornicating

Bob: I concur, that was some great fornification

Anna: I thought so too
von theeclique 16. November 2003
Black people !!!!!!!!!
Booboo Jones in the house!!!
von Erber 2. Mai 2007
boobies or breasts
she has some niiice boo boos!
von lindzer 1. Mai 2004
This is a friend(male or female) whose meeting gives the pleasure of seeing a boob.
I am going to visit my booboo tomorrow.
von Aliu 2. August 2006

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