Often refering to poop. Another name for poop.
She took a big ass boo boo.
von Nicsta 27. Juli 2009
1) A mistake or error.
2) A term of endearment.
From Apache: "The server made a boo-boo!"
von testic 15. April 2004
Someone dear to your heart. Your babe/baby. Your man.

milad joon

boo bear

Hey boo boo.
von Darkcolors 20. Februar 2011
girlfriend; old lady; a gurl you love
She's my boo boo.; Thats my boo boo.
A minor injury. Usually kissed if it is on a young child.
Ouch, I got a got a booboo on my knee!
von AnniexCore 18. Mai 2008
ayy, that team we just beat was hella boo boo dawg
von reubensandwich 20. September 2011
another word for an injury for a child, like a scrape or cut
von Alice 5. Mai 2003

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