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-To have a one pump sexual intercourse, but after that ppump, you ejaculate.
-To pump one time during sex to then be finished, done, or to have ejaculated.
-To not think a girl is good in bed, so you pump in once, then to just say you're done.
-To have sexual intercourse with a female that isn't good looking, so you stick it in, to quickly pull it out and say that you have ejaculated.
John: Harry didn't get any ass last night.

Richard: He got with this one girl, she wasn't very pretty so he just boom-skeeted.
von ZaneH 11. Oktober 2005
6 3

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A term sometimes used to describe your appearance as ugly or unsightly on one of those days.
Shit! I can't go to the party looking like boomskeet!

He looks like boomskeet.
von Bj2035 17. April 2009
3 10