Top Definition
a guy who is really really cool and sexy
damn, look at that burim
von Anonymous 10. Juli 2003
A sexy guy, usually from Albania or areas surrounding. A guy that gets all the women and has a cock like a horse.
man did you see burim, he fucks al lthe girls
#big slay #slay swimer #cock didly #do #da #day
von bobcatanal 4. Februar 2010
a tasty walnut-honey snack, that you just cant get enough of.
it originated from the balkans, but nowadays you can find it all over the world.
- I feel down. I need some burim to cheer me up.
#yummy #delicious #honey #walnut #cheer-up
von ba_by_bu 30. Juli 2009
noun: the condition of having sand in your vagina.

Scientific name: Burim kadrijaj
"I'm sorry, but you have been diagnosed with burim."
#sand in vagina #hollister tees #cargo shorts #fag #vanetesse
von trebor yarrum 12. Juni 2009
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