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The urgent need to go to the toilet to pee...
::Puts hand up:: Sir, i really need to go to the toilet. I'm busting!
von K o k o [Dyn] 10. Januar 2006
86 51
Like ejaculating, or nutting
Yo Sean, i was busting all up in her
von Diamonds 28. August 2004
71 50
Teasing. Harsh teasing that often is embarrassing and/or annoying.
Liz kept busting on my "ugly" shoes. Meanwhile, I know she wants a pair.

Here comes Tom. Let's bust him about that blind date he had last night. She was one fugly bitch.
von Wabbit 26. August 2004
27 39
same thing as 'cracking on' someone.
I kept busting their chops on the xbox, just like a mad man.
von J. Long 26. August 2004
18 34
The use of cocaine/ Yayo
Yo i be busting tonight!
von popdatshit 28. März 2006
13 30
Going out behind work to go for a smoke.
Johnny and Ben were busting out back.
von Ciege 2. November 2007
8 27
To give or share something.
"Yo,check it out,that guy's busting jerseys."
von Phoenix 28. März 2003
8 28