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a strong metal clip commonly used in rock climbing to clip the climber to the rope, but now used a lot to hold key chains.
my keys are on my caribbeaner
von tanya talks a lot 29. Mai 2008
10 5
A person that originates from the caribbean and is of hispanic descent. Except Haitians.
Albert Pujols, man did you see that caribbeaners home run last night.
von Frank'sShadynasty 13. Oktober 2011
1 1
Blacks descending from any of the caribbean islands, that share similar traits to those of Beaners, descending from Mexico, for the fact that they do all of the local labor work.
Frederik, the caribbeaner from Aruba, mows my lawn then picks up all the dog crap.
von Noach 31. August 2007
9 10
A Mexican that is born in the Caribbean.
Ya esse... I was born in the caribbean. I'm a caribbeaner....
von Ted Langston 9. Februar 2009
10 14