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Anything low quality or substandard. Usually used to describe cheap goods or bad, low-budget movies. Related to cookie cutter.

Alternate and equally common spelling of the word cheesy.
The Pontiac Sunfire is a cheezy car.
Computers you can't upgrade are cheezy.
von Andrew Kwiecinski 17. August 2005
lame or dum stright corneyold
cory jokes r so cheezy
von keerra 13. Dezember 2007
A fatty, cheese flavoured snack, known in the states as "cheese doodles" or "cheese puffs" are lovingly called "cheezies" in Canada.
I grabbed a bag of cheezies and a 50 and settled in for the game.
von Time4SumAksion 28. Juli 2005
"let's go to the beach guys!"

"well that sounds just cheezy, my friend!"

"glad you think so!"
von P-sion 21. Juli 2008