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nick name for Chicago. Used mostly by south side residents, and famous people from the city, giving props to their hometown.
"What up all my chi-town boyz?"

"I'm from Chi-Town"

"Dawg I went to Chi-Town and rode The El into the north side"
von K 3. Juli 2004
slang name for Chicago
Let's roll into chi town
von AC 9. Dezember 2003
ghetto word for chicago
My niggaz up in Chi-town
von orionedt 17. Mai 2003
A term used for Chicago, Illinois
Siiit dawg we gonna get us some Chi town pussay!
von Oliva335354235 28. Oktober 2006
I nickname for chicago
I'm from chi-town. Respesent!
von DymeP 2. Februar 2006
Chi-town(aka "tha chi")-
A city full with real pple that aint pussy-ass bitches. Chi-town, or 2 others known as Chicago, is the heart of the Mid-west. It is located in Illinios. This city is also were many real gangsta, not fake-ass wankstas, are from.
"Chi-town representing"
"Tha Chi is the greatest city ever"
"I live in Chicago"
von LaDYCHi 5. Dezember 2004