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an idiot; one who thinks he knows, but does not
Jesus, you are a right clonker
von paul C 4. November 2003
a common fisherman's phrase to describe something big.
"That fish is a clonker"
von NAZZER 18. April 2009

drunken english bastardization, from the english word 'finger'
I just wanna clink clonkers.
von Desmond Houghton III 8. November 2004
A pair of shit shoes, trainers, sneakers, pumps, plimsoles, boots or sandals. Pritty much any bad footwear that either look ridiculous or have a shit brand name like a pair of 'Mercury Bravados' or 'Denver Destroyers'. Normally worn by a poor middle aged man who tries to look cool but fails epically.
Look at that guy over there, he's wearing a pair of clonkers.
von FisherFitzpatricks 2. April 2011